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Innovative Green Pergolas Enhance Home Spaces

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SWR Home and Outdoor transformed an ordinary outdoor area into a contemporary oasis by installing the innovative Markilux Pergola Stretch.

This expanded the shaded area significantly with its wide projection range. The lime green fabric added a modern touch to the house’s exterior, creating a stylish outdoor living space.

The project involved close collaboration with the homeowners to achieve their relaxation and entertainment goals while complementing the home’s modern aesthetic. The installation process was seamless, ensuring durability and longevity.

The Markilux Pergola Stretch not only expanded the shaded area but also enhanced the overall outdoor look. The end result is a modern and magical outdoor living area that the homeowners can enjoy for years. It’s an ideal spot for entertainment and relaxation, and the lime green fabric seamlessly blends with the surrounding environment, creating a stunning outdoor space the homeowners can take pride in.

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