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Hormann Internal Doors expertly installed throughout Herts, Beds & Bucks

Discover a new feeling of home with high-quality residential internal doors from Hörmann which showcase premium workmanship.

Are you looking for premium residential internal doors in a classic or modern style, with expansive glazing, elegant accents or a cool loft design? Hörmann can give you the residential internal door that perfectly suits you and your furnishings.


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Impressive right down to the tiniest detail!

Your interior style sets the tone! Are you looking for residential internal doors that harmonise with your home? Get ready to be impressed by the high-quality Duradecor surface finish with vibrant colours, perfectly reproduced timber decors and expressive textures. You can also choose from numerous real lacquer surface finishes and real wood veneers. Or you can design your residential internal doors yourself with the paintable priming film. It doesn’t get any more individual than that!

We want our residential internal doors to impress you right down to the tiniest detail.
You can enjoy your Hörmann residential internal doors for years to come thanks to clever features such as the 4Protect edge guard or our new light-impermeable seal that blocks out light from an adjoining room for an undisturbed and restful night’s sleep.


Timelessly elegant

Do you value the feel-good factor in your home?

Then the doors from the ProLine series are the perfect choice for you. The door leaf in a flush or rebated version, combined with your preferred colour or your preferred decor, creates a cosy atmosphere that invites you to relax.

The ProLine series offers a large variety of different surface finishes:

  • Duradecor Smooth – Ultra impact-resistant surface finish, available in 6 colours and decors
  • Duradecor Texture – Unites a feeling of real wood with ease of care, available in 10 natural timber designs
  • Duradecor Ultramatt – Particularly elegant surface finish and resistant to fingerprints, available in 5 modern colours
  • Duradecor Slate – Modern interior design with textured surface finish with a slate look, available in 5 colours
  • Duradecor Linen – Robust surface finish with a linen look, available in 5 colours
  • Real lacquer – Lacquered surface finishes with brilliant colour effects , available in 7 preferred colours and RAL to choose
  • Real lacquer matt – Trendy surface for modern interiors, available in 7 colours
  • Real wood veneers – Natural real wood veneers made of high-quality real wood, available in 12 veneers
  • Real wood veneer variants – Cosy and natural living environment with veneer surfaces made of high-quality real wood, available in 12 veneer variants


For styles, see the brochure.

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