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Sliding Doors Invite The Light In

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Mr. Edwin approached us with a desire to invite more natural light into his home, and we were thrilled to provide him with the ideal solution.

After careful consideration, he opted for two sets of Solarlux SL 25 doors, which were subsequently expertly installed on his outdoor veranda. These doors measure 3.7 and 2.6 meters in width, delivering an expansive area for sunlight to be let in.

Our Solarlux collection boasts a diverse array of products, among them the remarkable slide and turn doors that proved to be the perfect fit for Mr Edwin’s needs. These doors effortlessly open, enabling an uninterrupted stream of daylight to permeate his living space throughout the day.

This enhancement not only elevated the sophistication of his conservatory but also improved heat retention, making it a cosier living area. Furthermore, it established a seamless connection between his beautiful garden, creating a harmoniously open and inviting environment.

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